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With the sizes of vehicles increasing, KANAN extension kit is an option, which can be adopted for installation along with existing mechanical, electro-mechanical or fully electronic weighbridges.

KANAN extension kits are available in the sizes of :-
  • 2 Mtr X 3 Mtr.
  • 3 Mtr X 3 Mtr.
  • 5 Mtr X 3 Mtr.
  • 7 Mtr X 3 Mtr.

KANAN extension kits are installed at a gap of .5 meter from existing platform. These extension kits are fully electronic and are ideally suited for pit-type weighbridges. In special cases, these can be installed with existing pit less platform also.

Both exiting weighbridges as well extension kits will be connected to a common console facilitating combined weighment.

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