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Load Cell Technology

Load cells are the heart of the electronic Weigh–Bridges. They are weight sensing element which convert weight into electronic signals. These load; cells are designed to perform in a predictable repeated manner. Due to their utmost reliability compact and rebuts, hermitically sealed construction besides meeting all critical factors such as overload protection, consistency in varying temperature, simple mounting and complete interchangeability.


  • Hermetically sealed with stand adverse atmospheric conditions.
  • Safe over load capacity : 150% of rated capacity.
  • protection class IP-68.
  • Fully temperature compensated.
  • Material Quality - tool grade.
  • Unique ball plate assembly confirms vertical load transfer to load cell compensated.

Technical Specification

Capacity 1,2,5,10,23,50 tons.
Excitation I/P 12volt D.C. (maximum 20 volt D.C.)
Resistance I/P = 350 Ohms, O/P = 380 Ohms, +5% Rated O/P = 2 mV/V
No. of cell 4 – 6 & 8 for fully electronic.
Hermetically sealed Safe over load capacity 150% of rated capacity
Protection class I/P – 68
Temperature Fully temperature compensate.
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Load Cell Type

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