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Model 60410 is a Strain Gage based low profile bending beam Load Cell and is ideal for precision single point platform scale applications. It is designed for eccentric load sensitivity. Its tool steel Construction is very rugged to withstand shock loads. It is also Provided in Hardnable Stainless Steel - 17-4 PH construction.


  • Single Point Capability for Platform Scale.
  • Low Profile.
  • Minimum Error for Off-Centre loading.
  • Supports the Pan size of 750 x 750 (mm).
  • 100kgf. to 1500 Kgf. Capacities.
  • Compact and Light Weight.
  • 60410-SS is suitable for hygienic applications like food, dairy & pharma industries and corrosive applications like chemical industries
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  • Medium Sized Platform Scales.
  • Bag Weighing.
  • Hopper Weighers.
MODEL 30310 MODEL 90210/90310 SINGAL POINT 60510 SINGAL POINT 60410 MODEL 70610
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