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Construction of Weigh Bridge

The typical electronic weigh – bridges consists of a fabricated platform 4,6 or 8 load cells junction box, load cell cable and weight indicator. The weight of any truck on the weigh – bridge is sensed by the load cell which is converted into electronic signal. These signals are transmitted to common junction box. The total output is the directly fed to the indicator in control room.

Chart for W/B Capacity with Platform Size:

Capacity (Tons) Least Count (kg.) Platform Size (Meter)
3/5 0.5/1 1.8 x 1.8 (6’ x 6’)
5 0.5/1 2.7 x 1.8 (9’ x 6’)
10 1 / 2 4.2 x 2.4 (14’ x 8’)
25/30 5 7.5 x 3 (25’ x 10’)
40/50 5 7.5 x 3 (25’ x 10’)
30/40/50 5 9 x 3 (30’ x 10’)
50/60 10 12 x 3 (40’ x 10’)
60/80 10 12 x 3 (40’ x 10’) / 15 x 3 (50’ x 10’)
100 10 15 x 3(50’x10’) /16 x 3(53’x10’)/ 18 x 3(60’x10’)
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